Another fine day in Taiwan

Today we started riding at 9 am from our hotel on our Giant brand hybrid bikes, 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity!!! Taiwan is very biker friendly with an extensive network of biking trails, (like the American river trail, no cars allowed) and even the major highways have designated bike and scooter lanes.
Rode 30k, but due to the humidity it felt like much longer. We rode past a very charming minimal security prison. The “guests” keep the grounds well tended; note the topiary picture!!
After the ride, we drove to the Taroga Gorge, the top tourist attraction in Taiwan.
The gorge has Stunning marble walls that jut high into the sky. We went for a short walk and they had us wear hard hats just in case of rock slide. The highway thru the gorge was hand hewn in 1915 during the Japanese occupation and 225 people died during its construction.
The hotel at which we’re staying, the silk palace, is quite nice and we are told it is the only 5 star place in the area. The only complaint (but its a biggie!!) is that it does not have a bar???!!!20130618-190324.jpg20130618-190406.jpg20130618-190425.jpg20130618-190443.jpg20130618-190518.jpg20130618-190500.jpg




12 responses to “Another fine day in Taiwan

  1. megan

    Looks beautiful. I had no idea Tawain was so lovely. Keep the pictures coming…..

  2. Victoria Rodriguez

    90 percent humidity! I would be dipping my rag! Looks like a gorgeous place! Cant wait to visit

  3. Jason

    Pretty sweet looking countryside! Love the Mich Ultra plug back there.

  4. Vana Sullivan

    Looking good you two !

  5. Anonymous

    GREAT pics, Butch!! What a wonderful experience. I love the rooms you stayed in. Don’t know how comfortable they were but they just look like what I would expect there. Who would want an American style room anyway…. although… NO BAR!!! WHAT?

  6. Anonymous

    oops… that last entry was from Joy. 🙂

  7. Blair

    Good to see that this is an adventure of exploring new things and not just riding between one american style hotel to another. I see lots of mountains. Are you tracking your climbing as well as your mileage?

  8. The ocean shot is breathtaking!

  9. Dave

    Great pictures Butch!

  10. gonenativ

    Looks gorgeous there! Got your blog on my phone, had a heck of a time getting it on my pc…but I finally did. Looking forward to more of your posts. Looks like this will be our next trip!!!

  11. Tashia

    It look like you are having a ball and it is so gorgeous. Wish is was there.

  12. Karla Keller

    I never really considered Taiwan as a vacation spot. I think I’m going to have to rethink my plans!

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