Alishan Park

Another delicious multi-course dinner, this one in the dining room of the Alishan House hotel!! Note the taro sculpture garnish on the shrimp dish.

This morning we got up at 3:20 to take the train to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise…how beautiful!! As expected, the place was loaded with folks that had the same idea. It was quite chilly up there, maybe 45 degrees F. I rented a coat for around $3.00 but you can see that it was not necessary because could have just worn room robes!!!

The vendors were up early on the mountain. In fact, we enjoyed a bit of warm “Mr. Brown”. Any guesses on what this is (don’t be gross!)?

No breakfast is complete without a helping of pig head skin salad!! Culinary experts say it is in a tasty high spice dressing and the flesh is very chewy!!







4 responses to “Alishan Park

  1. Bryan

    Wow! I never thought Taiwan was so beautiful! So you had weak coffee, how wonderful!

  2. Harold Alves

    What a great trip. The food looks over the top!

  3. Victoria Rodriguez

    Yummo! Pig’s Head Skin Salad! Yummmo schummmo~

  4. Sandy Yarrow

    And how was that salad????

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