Beautiful area and accommodations in Alishan

We arrived this afternoon to Alishan national forest; the place is beautiful and a well-loved holiday destination of mainland Chinese. Thankfully, big tourist buses are prohibited in the park which provides some respite from the masses.
Our lodgings are lovely; see pics of suite…I am pretty sure that my room is nicer than Butch’s!!!
After we checked in we went for a walk in the forest to see the big trees. Although they look like redwoods they are actually cypress trees.
We saw a Buddist monastery (nunnery) in the forest and a prayer ceremony was in progress. Note the picture of the women; one of them does not have a shaved head and this is because she has not been fully ordained yet.

We have really been surprised and delighted by the beauty of Taiwan. Prior to visiting all that came to mind was electronics, big cities, and bike frame manufacturing. Now we know there’s so much more!!
PS: The bar at our luxurious hotel, the Alishan House, is closed for renovation!! We are barely making it!!!












9 responses to “Beautiful area and accommodations in Alishan

  1. Anonymous

    Love the pictures today! Have fun

  2. Becker

    The cleanse is good for you. You will be more in tune with your spiritual self. LOL

  3. oh, everything looks so lovely.

  4. Barbara Ashbrook

    You got some great shots in there. I think somebody SHOULD have a better room than Butch! hahaha

  5. Anonymous

    No bar, then renovation….I’m cracking up. What a beautiful place and I love the monkeys. Have fun! Bonnie

  6. Taylor

    Wow, it really is beautiful! I want to go!! 🙂 ~Tay

  7. Victoria Rodriguez

    Looks like you are having a great time!

  8. Sandy Yarrow

    Wow, what a room, nothing like the La Ramblas Hostel. Beautiful scenery!

  9. Renee

    Great scenic shots! Looks like a lot of fun, too!!

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