Sun Moon Lake to Alishan Forest

After a restful sleep at the Hotel Del Lago, we got on the road at 8. First stop was a beautiful Buddist temple. Butch and I both rang the gong after making a wish.
There was a big earthquake in 1999 that severely damaged the temple – see the pic, it has since been rebuilt.
Then we drove around Sun moon Lake, drove through Yu Shan forest, and also Jade Mountain national park. Spectacular!!! At the top of Jade Mtn, we got out if the van and got on our bicycles!! We saw monkeys on the way – we were warned to stay a good distance away or they will jump on you for snackies!! We rode all the way down to Alishan National Park/Forest. Very lovely ride in a forest that is very much like the redwoods, about 20 km. See the picture of our delightful tour bike guides. More later on the beauty of the area.











4 responses to “Sun Moon Lake to Alishan Forest

  1. Henry Grambergu

    Love that temple. It is really ornate.

  2. Bill Hardin

    Love the monkey pictures. Looks like Cynthia and I getting ready to steal your bike.

  3. Sandy Yarrow

    I can tell, the monkeys want to ride the bike.

  4. Renee

    I LOVE the monkeys!! What a great adventure!

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