Another fantastic day

Today we drove over a windy mountainous road from Taroko Gorge on the East side of the island to the west side. The highest peak’s elevation was around 10000 feet. We didn’t cycle it, but would definitely give it a go on the next trip. We saw a total of 3 cyclists attempting the mountain, all riding solo.
Great lunch today – we had Chinese food (ha ha, actually here they just call it food). It was a little spicy, ala Yunnan province style . The highlight was the deep fried worms…they were actually pretty good, if a hint bland. Enjoy the photos!!









9 responses to “Another fantastic day

  1. gonenativ

    What photos? I wanted to see the deep fried worms! I’ve been looking for some new receipes 🙂

  2. Giny Chandler

    Deep fried anything is probably fine – can’t see what it is anyway. More pictures – I am loving the arm chair travel.


  3. Victoria Rodriguez

    I want some worms!

  4. margot

    blog without photos: didn’t happen ; )

  5. Henry Grambergu

    Butch-Bring me home some worms!

  6. Lelani Alves

    I could do with out the worms! Great pictures! I think I will book a trip here!

  7. Cory

    Love the blog! Keep those cards and letters coming. I’m thinking some Tabasco sauce might be perfect with your deep fried worms! The bath tub looks a tad small. How many people can you get in that thing? Safe travels!

  8. Anonymous

    Beautiful scenery! Food looks very interesting, but worms have great protient. Bring a doggie bag home as well. You must be enjoying yourself tremendously.

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